‚I was liberated in April 1945…’ that is a sort of re-birthday of all the survivors.

The Enhanced E-Book (English Version)

‚I was liberated in April 1945…’ that is a sort of re-birthday of all the survivors.

60 years later Anna Andlauer tracked down more than 50  child survivors all over the world. She describes the history of the UNRRA Children’s Centre at the Kloster Indersdorf in Bavaria.  Even today the ‚old boys’ call  themselves: The boys of the cloister.   The book honours social worker Greta Fischer who, with others cared for the young survivors. The Jewish orphans and Gentile children and teenagers of various nationalities  who survived the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust. They were all helped back on their road to life.

It is a book full of hope  with films and interviews of the survivors and their feelings and gratefulness for the work of Greta Fischer and of course  the author Anna Andlauer.

A little excerpt:


The enhanced e-book includes 21 videos with a length of approx. 2 minutes each.

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